On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 15:34, Curtis Faith wrote:
> tom lane writes:
> > You think we should drive away our existing unix developers 
> > in the mere hope of attracting windows developers?  Sorry, it 
> > isn't going to happen.
> Tom brings up a good point, that changes to support Windows should not
> add to the tasks of those who are doing the bulk of the work on Unixen.
> I don't think, however, that this necessarily means that having Windows
> developers use Cygwin is the right solution. We need to come up with a
> way to support Windows Visual C++ projects without adding work to the
> other developers. 

Does anyone know how MySQL and interbase/firebird do it ?

> The Visual C++ Workspaces and Projects files are actually text files
> that have a defined format. I don't think the format is published but it
> looks pretty easy to figure out.

will probably change between releases (also I dont think you can easily
compile C source on a C# compiler) ;/

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