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> Here's patch which fixes the issue using Robert's idea.

Please at least check your patches with 'git diff --check' before
submitting them.  And where it's not too much trouble, pgindent them.
Or at least make them look something like what pgindent would have
produced, instead of having the line lengths be all over the place.

 -- change the session user to view_owner and execute the statement. Because of
 -- change in session user, the plan should get invalidated and created again.
--- While creating the plan, it should throw error since there is no
user mapping
--- available for view_owner.
+-- The join will not be pushed down since the joining relations do not have a
+-- valid user mapping.

Now what's going on here?  It seems to me that either postgres_fdw
requires a user mapping (in which case this ought to fail) or it
doesn't (in which case this ought to push the join down).  I don't
understand how working but not pushing the join down can ever be the
right behavior.

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