>Sorta.  Committed after renaming what you called heap blocks vacuumed
>back to heap blocks scanned, adding heap blocks vacuumed, removing the
>overall progress meter which I don't believe will be anything close to
>accurate, fixing some stylistic stuff, arranging to update multiple
>counters automatically where it could otherwise produce confusion,
>moving the new view near similar ones in the file, reformatting it to
>follow the style of the rest of the file, exposing the counter
>#defines via a header file in case extensions want to use them, and
>overhauling and substantially expanding the documentation

We have following lines,

        /* report that everything is scanned and vacuumed */

which appear before final vacuum cycle happens for any remaining dead
tuples which may span few pages if I am not mistaken.

IMO, reporting final count of heap_blks_scanned is correct here, but
reporting final heap_blks_vacuumed can happen after the final VACUUM cycle
for more accuracy.

Thank you,
Rahila Syed

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