On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 8:45 AM, Rahila Syed <rahilasye...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Server crash was reported on running  vacuum progress checker view on 32-bit
> machine.
> Please find attached a fix for the same.
> Crash was because 32 bit machine considers int8 as being passed by reference
> while creating the tuple descriptor. At the time of filling the tuple store,
> the code (heap_fill_tuple) checks this tuple descriptor before inserting the
> value into the tuple store. It finds the attribute type pass by reference
> and hence it treats the value as a pointer when it is not and thus it fails
> at the time of memcpy.
> This happens because appropriate conversion function is not employed while
> storing the value of that particular attribute into the values array before
> copying it into tuple store.
> -                               values[i+3] =
> UInt32GetDatum(beentry->st_progress_param[i]);
> +                               values[i+3] =
> Int64GetDatum(beentry->st_progress_param[i]);
> Attached patch fixes this.

Uggh, what a stupid mistake on my part.

Committed.  Thanks for the patch.

Robert Haas
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