On 03/16/2016 08:28 AM, David Steele wrote:
> On 3/6/16 1:17 AM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
>> 2016-03-05 21:49 GMT+01:00 Joe Conway <m...@joeconway.com
>> <mailto:m...@joeconway.com>>:
>>     I still don't see any point in trying to pass data back from the hooks
>>     as the extension can maintain that state just fine, although it looks
>>     like it would be pretty trivial to do using a new void* member added to
>>     role_auth_extra. Tom (or anyone else), any comment on that?
>> see Tom's comment, I share his opinion.
>>     I do however find myself wishing I could pass the action down from
>>     set_config_option() to at least the assign_role() hook, but that seems
>>     more invasive than I'd like.
>> describe this use case, please.
> Joe, it looks there are some unresolved questions from Pavel and Craig
> on this thread and probably a new patch is required.  Any idea when you
> can get to that?

I won't likely have time for a day or two, but will definitely get back
to this worst case this coming weekend.



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