Hannu Krosing wrote:
> > I agree with Tom on yanking the plug while it's operating.  Do you
> > know the difference between kill -9 and yanking the plug?
> Kill -9 seems to me _less_ severe than yanking the plug but much easier
> to automate, so that could be the first thing to test. You have no hope
> of passing the pull-the-plug test if you can't survive even kill -9.
> Perhaps we could have a special "reliability-regression" test that does
> "kill -9 postmaster", repeatedly, at random intervals, and checks for
> consistency ?
> Maybe we will find even some options for some OS'es to "force-unmount"
> disks. I guess that setting IDE disk's to read-only with hdparm could
> possibly achieve something like that on Linux.

Get VMWare for Linux, run whatever OS you like in it and "kill -9" the
virtual machine. That's as close as you can get to "yanking" without
wearing out your power plugs.


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