On 3/21/16 11:57 AM, Teodor Sigaev wrote:
A and B are points of intersection of lines. So, box PBCAis a bounding
box for points contained in 3-rd (see labeling above). For example X
labeled point is not a descendace of child node with centroid  C because
it must be in branch of 1-st quad of parent node. So, each node (except
root) will have a limitation in its quadrant. To transfer that
limitation the traversalValue is used.

Isn't this basically the same thing that the cube contrib module does? (Which has the added benefit of kNN-capable operators).

If that's true then ISTM it'd be better to work on pulling cube's features into box?

If it's not true, I'm still wondering if there's enough commonality here that we should pull cube into core...
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