On 3/21/16 7:41 PM, Stas Kelvich wrote:
While people tends to use machine learning and regressions models more and more 
it is interesting to have some general n-dim indexing with kNN,
but I think it is different problem and should be solved in a different way.

I think one of the issues here is it's not very clear to someone without a good amount of ML knowledge how these things relate. I hear "box' and 'cube' and think it's just a 2D vs 3D issue, and intarray isn't even on the radar.

Maybe what's needed are actual vector and matrix types?

In any case, if you've got a good reason why box and cube should stay separate then further discussion should happen in another thread.

BTW, if you haven't seen it, take a look at http://madlib.apache.org/
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