Hi Magnus,

On 3/19/16 8:15 AM, Magnus Hagander wrote:

> I've attached an updated patch, which is rebased on current master and
> includes the oid fix.

Before doing a thorough review of this patch there are a few points I
would like to consider:

* I think it's really important to provide the stop time in some fashion
when using this new technique.  I would prefer a new column to be
returned from pg_stop_backup() but I could live with STOP TIME being
recorded in the label file.  STOP TIME should probably be included in
the label file anyway.

* It seems like STOP WAL LOCATION should now also be recorded in the
label file.  Preferably this would used by recovery to determine when
the database has reach consistency but that could be a future patch.
I'm not very happy with the current method of using pg_control to get
this information as it assumes that pg_control is copied last (at least
based on the code comments).


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