On 23/03/16 09:14, Kouhei Kaigai wrote:
On 15/03/16 05:03, Kouhei Kaigai wrote:

The attached patch is the revised one that follows the new extensible-
node routine.

It is almost same the previous version except for:
- custom-apis.[ch] was renamed to custom-node.[ch]
- check for the length of custom-scan-method name followed
     the manner of RegisterExtensibleNodeMethods()


looks good, only nitpick I have is that it probably should be
custom_node.h with underscore given that we use underscore everywhere
(except for libpq and for some reason atomic ops).

Sorry for my response late.

The attached patch just renamed custom-node.[ch] by custom_node.[ch].
Other portions are not changed from the previous revison.

Forgot to attach?

Yes.... Thanks,

Ok, I am happy with it, marked it as ready for committer (it was marked as committed although it wasn't committed).

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