Tom Lane wrote:

> What I propose doing is leaving the above-listed items in
> pg_dump/dumputils.h/.c, and moving the rest of what's in those files
> to new files src/include/fe_utils/string_utils.h and
> src/fe_utils/string_utils.c.

Seems reasonable.

> This name is a bit arbitrary, but most of what's there is string
> processing of some flavor or other, with some list processing thrown
> in for good measure.  If anyone's got a different color to paint this
> bikeshed, please speak up.

I wondered about the list stuff while messing about in pg_dump awhile
ago.  It seems moderately okay, but not terribly generic; maybe we
should get rid of all that stuff and make ilist.c available to frontend.
Not sure how easy is that, given that AFAIR ilist uses elog.  Anyway
maybe we can discuss that in the future, to avoid blocking your patch.

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