On 25.03.2016 19:15, David Steele wrote:
On 3/25/16 12:14 PM, Artur Zakirov wrote:
On 25.03.2016 18:19, David Steele wrote:
Hi Artur,

On 3/20/16 10:42 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
"Shulgin, Oleksandr" <oleksandr.shul...@zalando.de> writes:
On Mar 20, 2016 01:09, "Dmitrii Golub" <dmitrii.go...@gmail.com>
Alex, actually subdomain can start with digit,

Not according to the RFC you have linked to.

The powers-that-be relaxed that some time ago; I assume there's a newer
RFC.  For instance, "163.com" is a real domain:

You marked this patch "needs review" and then a few minutes later
changed it to "waiting on author".

If this was a mistake please change it back to "needs review".  If you
really are working on a new patch when can we expect that?



The previous patch is current, which can be commited.

I mark this patch as "needs review", because I noticed that the patch
was marked as "waiting on author". And I thought that I forgot to mark
as "need review".

But then I noticed that Robert Haas marked the patch as "waiting on
author" after my answer, and I returned "waiting on author". But I cant
find any questions or comments to me after my last answer.

Actually I think that this patch should be marked as "need review".


Thank you!

Artur Zakirov
Postgres Professional: http://www.postgrespro.com
Russian Postgres Company

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