On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 10:17 AM, Artur Zakirov <a.zaki...@postgrespro.ru>

> On 29.03.2016 19:17, Shulgin, Oleksandr wrote:
>> Hm, indeed.   Unfortunately, it is not quite easy to find "the" new RFC,
>> there was quite a number of correcting and extending RFCs issued over
>> the last (almost) 30 years, which is not that surprising...
>> Are we going to do something about it?  Is it likely that
>> relaxing/changing the rules on our side will break any possible
>> workarounds that people might have employed to make the search work like
>> they want it to work?
> Do you mean here workarounds to recognize such values as 't...@123-reg.ro'
> as an email address? Actually I do not see any workarounds except a patch
> to PostgreSQL.

No, more like disallowing '_' in the host/domain- names.  Anyway, that is
pure speculation on my part.

By the way, Teodor committed the patch yesterday.

I've seen that after posting my reply to the list ;-)


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