On 25.03.2016 21:42, Dmitry Ivanov wrote:
Sorry for the delay, I desperately needed some time to finish a bunch of
dangling tasks.

I've added some new comments and clarified the ones that were obscure.
Moreover, I felt an urge to recheck most parts of the code since apparently
nobody (besides myself) has gone so far yet.

On 25.03.16 18:42 MSK, David Steele wrote:
Time is short and it's not encouraging that you say there is "still much
work to be done".

Indeed, I was inaccurate. I am more than interested in the positive outcome.


Thank you for your work!

I tested the patch and take a look on it. All regression tests passed. The code looks good and the patch introduce a great functionality.

I think the patch can be marked as "Ready for Commiter". But I do not feel the force to do that myself.

Also I agree with you about tsvector_setweight(). There is not a problem with it because this weights are immutable and so there is not benefits from new function.

Artur Zakirov
Postgres Professional: http://www.postgrespro.com
Russian Postgres Company

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