On 2016-03-27 02:34:32 +0530, Ashutosh Sharma wrote:
> As mentioned in my earlier mail i was not able to apply
> *pinunpin-cas-5.patch* on commit *6150a1b0,

That's not surprising; that's pretty old.

> *therefore i thought of applying it on the latest commit and i was
> able to do it successfully. I have now taken the performance readings
> at latest commit i.e. *76281aa9* with and without applying
> *pinunpin-cas-5.patch* and my observations are as follows,

> 1. I can still see that the current performance lags by 2-3% from the
> expected performance when *pinunpin-cas-5.patch *is applied on the commit
> *76281aa9.*
> 2. When *pinunpin-cas-5.patch *is ignored and performance is measured at
> commit *76281aa9 *the overall performance lags by 50-60% from the expected
> performance.
> *Note:* Here, the expected performance is the performance observed before
> commit *6150a1b0 *when* ac1d794 *is reverted.

Thanks for doing these benchmarks. What's the performance if you revert
6150a1b0 on top of a recent master? There've been a lot of other patches
influencing performance since 6150a1b0, so minor performance differences
aren't necessarily meaningful; especially when that older version then
had other patches reverted.



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