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> On 28/03/16 14:46, Dilip Kumar wrote:
>>     Conclusion:
>>     ---------------
>>     1. I think v15 is solving the problem exist with v13 and performance
>>     is significantly high compared to base, and relation size is also
>>     stable, So IMHO V15 is winner over other solution, what other thinks ?
> It seems so, do you have ability to reasonably test with 64 clients? I am
> mostly wondering if we see the performance going further down or just
> plateau.
Yes, that makes sense.  One more point is that if the reason for v13 giving
better performance is extra blocks (which we believe in certain cases can
leak till the time Vacuum updates the FSM tree), do you think it makes
sense to once test by increasing lockWaiters * 20 limit to may
be lockWaiters * 25 or lockWaiters * 30.

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