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> Yes, that makes sense.  One more point is that if the reason for v13
> giving better performance is extra blocks (which we believe in certain
> cases can leak till the time Vacuum updates the FSM tree), do you think it
> makes sense to once test by increasing lockWaiters * 20 limit to may
> be lockWaiters * 25 or lockWaiters * 30.

I tested COPY 10000 record, by increasing the number of blocks just to find
out why we are not as good as V13
 with extraBlocks = Min( lockWaiters * 40, 2048) and got below results..

COPY 10000
Client  Patch(extraBlocks = Min( lockWaiters * 40, 2048))
--------           ---------
16 752
32 708

This proves that main reason of v13 being better is its adding extra blocks
without control.
though v13 is better than these results, I think we can get that also by
changing multiplier and max limit .

But I think we are ok with the max size as 4MB (512 blocks) right?.

Does this test make sense ?

Dilip Kumar
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