I think we should PGP sign all the "official" packages that are provided
for download from the various mirror sites. IMHO, this is important

- ensuring that end users can trust PostgreSQL is an important part to
getting the product used in mission-critical applications, as I'm sure
you all know. Part of that is producing good software; another part is
ensuring that users can trust that the software we put out hasn't been
tampered with.

- people embedding trojan horses in open source software is not unheard
of. In fact, it's probably becoming more common: OpenSSH, sendmail,
libpcap/tcpdump and bitchx have all been the victim of trojan horse
attacks fairly recently.

- PGP signing binaries is relatively easy, and doesn't need to be done


I'd volunteer to do the work myself, except that it's pretty closely
intertwined with the release process itself...


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