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> > 2) Bearing in mind your answer to the previous question, should all 
> > the comments be deleted when useful examples have been 
> merged into the 
> > main documents (remember that the definition of 'useful' 
> may vary), or 
> > should we only remove the 'junk' ones?
> Once the comment's suggestion has been incorporated and the 
> docs updated, I think it should be removed. Just like in the 
> rest of the documentation, there's no point presenting 
> duplicate content to the user, so we should only keep the 
> idocs comments that are still relevant. The same goes for 
> comments that have no value (e.g. support requests).

My concern here is that what (for example) Bruce decides is not a useful
addition to the docs themselves, maybe something that would have helped
me with some bizarre problem. If we dump *all* the docs after they have
been merged then I might lose that helpful tip.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, the comments will be merged into a
*future* version. If I am running 7.2, I'm going to look at the 7.2
docs, not 7.3.

Regards, Dave.

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