I've got a 6-way SGI Challenge L with R4400/200 cpu's in it, and a gig of interleaved ram. I am running postgres 7.3.1, which I compiled 64-bit with MIPSPro. The database is living on an ultrawide scsi raid. I am also running postgres on a 2-cpu (85mhz) Sparc 20 with 384mb of ram, and the database lives on a 10krpm single narrow disk.

I'm finding that the Sparc 20 is about twice as fast as the Challenge. Postgres on the '20 was compiled 32-bit (of course) with gcc 3.2.

When I am testing the machines, I have run tests with 1 db handle, with 2 db handles, and with 2 vs 6 handles. Consistently, the 20 is faster than the Challenge. I suspect something is going wrong here on mips.

I have tried, without any luck, to get postgres compiled with gcc 3.2 (from freeware.sgi.com). It keeps adding '-r' when its linking, even when LDFLAGS is unset, LD is 'gcc' and CC is 'gcc'. I could do the linking manually, but this is not really a viable option for a release.

Additionally, postgres does *not* trap divide-by-zero errors, as Solaris and Linux do. 'select 1/0' causes the backend to crash.

elvis=# select 1/0;
server closed the connection unexpectedly
This probably means the server terminated abnormally
before or while processing the request.
The connection to the server was lost. Attempting reset: WARNING: Message from PostgreSQL backend:
The Postmaster has informed me that some other backend
died abnormally and possibly corrupted shared memory.
I have rolled back the current transaction and am
going to terminate your database system connection and exit.
Please reconnect to the database system and repeat your query.

Justin tells me there is a release imminent, and that I should mention this ASAP. Neil suggested I try with gcc, but as I said, I've been unable to get it to compile with gcc.

Also, I understand (but can confirm on monday) that Oracle has dropped support for Irix entirely. This would make postgres the *only* database for SGI MIPS, and I'd really like to see it better supported. SGI machines are awesome for database servers.

Anyone needing a shell on the machine can feel free to ask.


alex avriette
$^X is my programming language of choice.

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