alex avriette <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I've got a 6-way SGI Challenge L with R4400/200 cpu's in it, and a gig 
> of interleaved ram. I am running postgres 7.3.1, which I compiled 
> 64-bit with MIPSPro.

> I'm finding that the Sparc 20 is about twice as fast as the Challenge. 

I'm betting that Postgres doesn't think there's any TAS support on the
MIPS machine.  This may actually be true depending on what model of
MIPS it is --- IIRC, there were no userland synchronization instructions
in MIPS-1.  If it's MIPS-2 architecture, then the problem is we don't
know what to test for.

> Additionally, postgres does *not* trap divide-by-zero errors, as 
> Solaris and Linux do. 'select 1/0' causes the backend to crash.

What's the signal you're getting?

                        regards, tom lane

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