On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 1:15 AM, Fabien COELHO <coe...@cri.ensmp.fr> wrote:
>>> Here is a simple patch...
>> The patch deadline has passed and we are in the last CF of 9.6, as I'm
>> sure you know.
> Yes I know, I'm ok with that, I was just putting stuff in the queue for
> later, I was not asking for the patch to be considered right now.

There is nothing bad in sending a patch now. Though it is true that at
this period of the 9.6 development attention should be to focus on the
remaining patches in the CF.

>> Given that, please save up all your desired changes to pgbench and submit
>> in one go nearer the next CF. Thanks.
> Ok. Sorry, I did not realise that submitting stuff and recording it in a CF
> should not be done now.

Personally I have no problem if someone wants to register a patch,
however reviews on such a patch are unfair for the other existing
ones. Perhaps you got an idea and wanted to code it and thought that
it would be a good idea to send it now instead of three month later.
I'd say why not.

> Maybe you should consider not opening the September CF if this is the
> intent?
> Also, what period "nearer to the next CF" is appropriate for sending patches
> for this CF, which starts in five months?

The CF can remain open as far as it goes in my view to allow people to
add patches whenever they want, I see little point to close it and
prevent people from registering patches if they'd want to. They are
just not going to be considered for review and integration until the
next CF begins if those are new features, note that some of the
patches registered there are aimed at being bug fixes.

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