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>> I'd say why not.
> I'd say "why not wait?". Minor, non-urgent patches will definitely go
> nowhere for a long time, so it gains nobody to submit now.
> Submitting patches during freeze has been discouraged for many years, so
> asking a long term contributor to avoid sending multiple minor patches is
> in line with that.
The main downside I see is on the CF manager having more items to manage.
The committers should be able to prioritize and so seeing the other items,
while maybe not ideal (though they should be in a future CF period so they
shouldn't be too visible), doesn't seem that bad.  What it does allow is
for lurkers or potential reviewers and developers to see what is being (has
been) worked on by others in the community.  That kind of visibility seems
like it should be desired - since proving that nobody benefits from it
being published seem a bit of stretch of reason.  But maybe I'm just not
close enough to the problems it causes - which ideally could be mitigated
in some form other than asking people to hold off making work public.

The main downside would be the human tendency to want to look at, comment
and/or work on these more minor items when they should be working on more
important things.  That, though, seem like the opposite of saying
"non-urgent patches will definitely go nowhere for a long time" and
probably installs a level of parental involvement that is not necessarily
the community's role.

David J.

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