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> The chapter already does describe pg_basebackup before describing
> pg_start_backup; what else did the plan entail?


24.1. SQL Dump
24.1.1. Restoring the Dump
24.1.2. Using pg_dumpall
24.1.3. Handling Large Databases
24.2. File System Level Backup
24.3. Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR)
24.3.1. Setting Up WAL Archiving
24.3.2. Making a Base Backup
24.3.3. Making a Base Backup Using the Low Level API
24.3.4. Recovering Using a Continuous Archive Backup
24.3.5. Timelines
24.3.6. Tips and Examples
24.3.7. Caveats

"File System Level Backup" should be last, and should link to pg_basebackup
as the strongly recommended method.

I'm not too keen on how pg_basebackup is only covered under continuous
archiving and PITR, but OTOH that's really how it's mostly used .... and I
think most people who're doing physical backups are doing continuous
archiving. Or should be.

I'd also be inclined to add a hint in the sql dumps section to the effect
that while there's no incremental/differential pg_dump support, you can do
incrementals with continuous archiving.

In "Making a base backup" discussion of pg_basebackup should probably
mention that 'pg_basebackup -X stream' is required if you want a
self-contained base backup.

I think that'd address most of the confusion I've seen on occasion.

I'd love to spend several solid days reorganizing and updating those docs
some day, but I think that for now moving some chunks around will still

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