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>> > > > Well, if we *don't* do the rewrite before we release it, then we
>> > > > have to
>> > > > instead put information about the new version of the functions into
>> > > > the
>> > > old
>> > > > structure I think.
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>> > > > So I think it's an open issue.
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>> > > Works for me...
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>> > > [This is a generic notification.]
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>> > > The above-described topic is currently a PostgreSQL 9.6 open item.
>> > > Magnus,
>> > > since you committed the patch believed to have created it, you own
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>> > > open
>> > > item.  If that responsibility lies elsewhere, please let us know whose
>> > > responsibility it is to fix this.  Since new open items may be
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>> > > any time and I want to plan to have them all fixed well in advance of
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>> > I won't have time to do the bigger rewrite/reordeirng by then, but I can
>> > certainly commit to having the smaller updates done to cover the new
>> > functionality in less than a week. If nothing else, that'll be something
>> > for me to do on the flight over to pgconf.us.
>> Thanks for that plan; it sounds good.
> Here's a suggested patch.
> There is some duplication between the non-exclusive and exclusive backup
> sections, but I wanted to make sure that each set of instructions can just
> be followed top-to-bottom.
> I've also removed some tips that aren't really necessary as part of the
> step-by-step instructions in order to keep things from exploding in size.
> Finally, I've changed references to "backup dump" to just be "backup",
> because it's confusing to call them something with dumps in when it's not
> pg_dump. Enough that I got partially confused myself while editing...
> Comments?

+    Low level base backups can be made in a non-exclusive or an exclusive
+    way. The non-exclusive method is recommended and the exclusive one will
+    at some point be deprecated and removed.

I don't object to add a non-exclusive mode of low level backup,
but I disagree to mark an exclusive backup as deprecated at least
until we can alleviate some pains that a non-exclusive mode causes.

One example of the pain, in a non-exclusive backup, we need to keep
the IDLE connection which was used to execute pg_start_backup(),
until the end of backup. Of course a backup can take a very
long time. In this case the IDLE connection also needs to remain
for such a long time. If it's accidentally terminated (e.g., because
of IDLE connection), the backup fails and needs to be taken again
from the beginning.

Another pain in a non-exclusive backup is to have to execute both
pg_start_backup() and pg_stop_backup() on the same connection.
Please imagine the case where psql is used to execute those two
backup functions (I believe that there are many users who do this).
For example,

    psql -c "SELECT pg_start_backup()"
    rsync, cp, tar, storage backup, or something
    psql -c "SELECT pg_stop_backup()"

A non-exclusive backup breaks the above very simple steps because
two backup functions are executed on different connections.
So, how should we modify the steps for a non-exclusive backup?
Basically we need to pause psql after pg_start_backup(), signal it
to resume after the copy of database cluster is taken, and make
it execute pg_stop_backup(). I'm afraid that the backup script
will be complicated because of this pain of non-exclusive backup.

+     The <function>pg_stop_backup</> will return one row with three
+     values. The second of these fields should be written to a file named
+     <filename>backup_label</> in the root directory of the backup. The
+     third field should be written to a file named
+     <filename>tablespace_map</> unless the field is empty.

How should we write those two values to different files when
we execute pg_stop_backup() via psql? Whole output of
pg_stop_backup() should be written to a transient file and
it should be filtered and written to different two files by
using some Linux commands? This also seems to make the backup
script more complicated.


Fujii Masao

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