On 04/08/2016 06:19 AM, Christian Ullrich wrote:

could we perhaps lower the verbosity level of the msvc build (in src/tools/msvc/build.pl) from "detailed" to "normal"? In my experiment, this reduces the size of the build log by 96.4 percent (from 12.5 MiB to 438 KiB), or if the log is not redirected, it shortens the build time by 45 percent, from just under 6 minutes to 3.

The lines that would not be logged anymore are mostly "Task [or Target] so-and-so skipped, due to false condition". All the compiler, linker, etc. command lines are still there.

Also, with the "detailed" logs, loading the buildfarm status page for a failure in the Make stage is really painful.

Yes! I was just wondering yesterday how to do this. If nobody objects I'm going to apply and backpatch this quite soon. This will also have beneficial effects on the buildfarm server.



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