On 04/08/2016 12:24 PM, Christian Ullrich wrote:
* Tom Lane wrote:

+several. Grepping for compiler warnings, for example, is really painful right now on any MSVC critter. I've resorted to grepping for "warning C",
which skips the noise messages, but I'm never sure if I'm missing

You miss all diagnostics from other tools than the compiler, for one thing.

There is a simple solution to that, however. MSBuild and VCBuild repeat all warnings and errors produced during the build at the bottom of the log. I just checked on mastodon (VS 2005, the oldest), and it does that already.

This depends on the whole build being done using a single solution file that contains all the individual projects, but there is no reason to assume we will start building individual projects instead, I assume.

Yeah, what is more on the whole this is going to be far more beneficial, because stuff just gets lost badly in the noise. I have committed the change.



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