On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 11:59, Tom Lane wrote:
> I'm about to go off and look at whether we can absorb the Tcl regex
> package, which is Spencer's new baby.  That will not be a solution for
> 7.3.anything, but it could be an answer for 7.4.

Sounds like we had about the same idea at about the same time -- I
emailed Henry Spencer inquiring about the new RE engine last night. I
came across a post this post that indicates he was planning to package
the new RE engine separately:


but I wasn't able to find a release of it anywhere -- I'll let the list
know if/when he gets back to me.

Another option is to consider a different regular expression engine. At
least according to the benchmarks here,


Spencer's implementation is outperformed by some other RE engines,
notably PCRE (www.pcre.org). But switching to another engine might
impose backward-compatibility problems, in terms of the details of the
RE syntax.


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