On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 13:21, Tom Lane wrote:
> After some further research, pcre does seem like an interesting
> alternative.  Both pcre and Spencer's new code have essentially
> Berkeley-style licenses, so there's no problem there.

Keep in mind that pcre has an advertising clause in its license
(software that distributes pcre commercially or non-commercially needs
to add a note to the effect in its documentation / online help). Since
PostgreSQL's license doesn't have this restriction, it would be shame to
impose that requirement on PostgreSQL users.

(Note that as I'm not a lawyer, my interpretation of the license may not
be correct.)

> Strict Perl compatibility would be a nice feature, but right at the
> moment the multibyte issue is looking like the determining factor.

Agreed -- ISTM that Spencer's new engine is probably the best choice.


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