On 2016-04-13 11:27:09 -0400, Robert Haas wrote:
> That page is sort of confusing, because it says that platform has
> those things but then says ***, which is footnoted to mean "linux
> kernel emulation available", but it's not too clear whether that
> applies to all atomics or just 8-byte atomics.  The operator
> precedence of / (used as a separator) vs. footnotes is not stated.

/ has a higher precedence than footnotes. Not sure how to make that
easily clear. I'm not exactly a mediawiki expert.

> It's also not clear what "linux kernel emulation available" actually
> means.  Should we think of those things being fast, or slow?

Slow. It means that the compiler generates a syscall to perform the
atomic. The syscall disables preemption, then performs the actual math,
re-enables preemption, and returns. That's a lot more expensive than a
spinlock.  There's

 * 64 bit atomics on arm are implemented using kernel fallbacks and might be
 * slow, so disable entirely for now.
 * XXX: We might want to change that at some point for AARCH64

for that reason (in the current tree, not patch).

The whole fallback facility exists to make it easier to port software to
arm; but I wouldn't want to rely on it if not necessary.


Andres Freund

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