Bruce Momjian wrote:
> What is the recommended procedure for replying to a pgsql-committers
> messsage?  Is cross-posting to hackers really the right approach, as it
> causes duplicate messages.  (pgsql-committers CC removed.)

CCing pgsql-hackers when replying to -committers was discussed some
time ago and the consensus seemed to be that that's preferrable than
keeping the discussion in -committers only, because that one is so much
smaller.  Whether -committers is kept in cc/to or not seems not to be
important.  This is all in the archives somewhere ...

You must be new to this email thing.

Any millennial will tell you that there's no duplicate because Gmail
already de-duplicates them.  You would only see one copy, ever.

Now, if you still live in a cave and don't use Gmail (like, say, me),
you could still change the options in Majordomo to send a unique copy of
each message, that is to say change the delivery class to "unique"
rather than "each".  Then it will see that you have the same message in
two lists and send you only one.

Now, whenever you're in the CC list of a message (something which I'm
told is somewhat common around here) you would additionally get that
copy too!  There's nothing majordomo could do about that of course.
Again the solution is to use Gmail (what else!).  If you won't do that,
you can install a procmail recipe to remove the dupes, say

:0 Wh: msgid.lock
| formail -D 65536 $HOME/.msgid.cache

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