Christoph Berg <> writes:
>> Here's a small doc patch that removes the bogus space in "colH [:scolH]"
>> (otherwise psql complains that it is ignoring the 4th parameter.
>> It also adds an index entry and adds a note to the old crosstab
>> functions to make people aware of \crosstabview.

> I should save before diffing, here's the version I actually wanted to
> submit ...

Hm, we do not have <indexterm> entries attached to any other psql
meta-commands.  Maybe they all should have one, or maybe not, but
I'm unconvinced about adding one for just this command.  What I did
instead was to make a link target (which there *is* precedent for,
see \copy) and have the note in tablefunc.sgml link to it.

I failed to resist the temptation to edit the command description
rather heavily, too.

Pushed with revisions.

                        regards, tom lane

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