Re: Tom Lane 2016-04-13 <>
> Hm, we do not have <indexterm> entries attached to any other psql
> meta-commands.  Maybe they all should have one, or maybe not, but
> I'm unconvinced about adding one for just this command.  What I did
> instead was to make a link target (which there *is* precedent for,
> see \copy) and have the note in tablefunc.sgml link to it.

Hmm. I was looking at \? first and because the 1-liner there isn't
even attempting to explain the \crosstabview syntax, went on to
bookindex.html, but could only find the "wrong" crosstab there.

\copy is the other example where I'd think a bookindex entry would
make sense so people can look up the documentation, all the other
\backslash things are much easier to grasp.

Not sure if it's only me, but bookindex.html is where I have my
browser bookmark to start diving into the documentation.

> I failed to resist the temptation to edit the command description
> rather heavily, too.
> Pushed with revisions.


Another thing about \crosstabview:

# select 1,2 \crosstabview
The query must return at least two columns to be shown in crosstab

s/two/three/, I guess.


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