Tom Lane wrote:
> I noticed that the \crosstabview documentation asserts that column name
> arguments are handled per standard SQL semantics.  In point of fact,
> though, the patch expends a couple hundred lines to implement what is
> NOT standard SQL semantics: matching unquoted names case-insensitively
> is anything but that.  I think we should rip all that out and do it as
> per attached.

Ah, yeah, I hadn't realized this bogosity.  Haven't verified the patch in

> (I also took the trouble to make the error messages conform
> to project style.)

Not sure about this part.  Many psql error messages are full sentences (start
with uppercase, end in period); others start with the \ command being
complained about.  Compare

alvherre=# \foobar
Invalid command \foobar. Try \? for help.
alvherre=# \copy foobar
\copy: parse error at end of line

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