Re: Daniel Verite 2016-04-14 <bc3a2e99-5030-4466-a248-98c5e9841205@mm>
> I don't quite see how to work around that, short of simply
> removing the possibility of addressing columns by their
> numbers. Which maybe is a bit sad for the end user, I'm not
> sure, but ISTM that's a logical consequence of abandoning
> the dedicated parser for columns.

That would be bad news, given that \crosstabview is meant for
interactive use where these number shortcuts are much more likely to
be used than in proper production SQL code. Be it only for ease of
typing, or for the case where the columns are just called ?column?.

If there's no way out, what about changing it the other way, i.e.
breaking the case where the column is named by a number? That seems
much less of a problem in practice.


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