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> 4. The compiler complains about one of Microsoft's own header files -
> essentially it dislikes the=is construct:
>     typedef enum { ... };
> It would be nice to make it shut up about it.

I doubt that's possible; the declaration *is* wrong after all. We could turn 
off the warning:

#pragma warning(push)
#pragma warning(disable : 1234, or whatever the number is)
#include <whatever.h>
#pragma warning(pop)

> 5. It also complains about us casting a pid_t to a HANDLE in
> pg_basebackup.c. Not sure what to do about that.

The thing that's being cast is not a PID, but a HANDLE to a process. pid_t is a 
typedef for int (in port/win32.h), therefore is always 32 bits, while HANDLE is 
actually void*. However, Microsoft guarantees that kernel32 HANDLEs (this 
includes those to threads and processes) fit into 32 bits on AMD64.

 third bullet point.

So we can simply silence the warning by casting explicitly.


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