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Progress report:

1. My VS 2015 installations (I now have several) all generate
solution file
    Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00
so I propose to set that as the solution file version.

I am wondering why it happens this way for you..

It's not just me. See the reply at

and notice that in both cases the Solution file format is version 12.00.

Try as I may, I cannot get my VS 2015 to write a version 14 .sln file.
It's always "12.00". If I change it to 14 by hand, it still opens and
appears to work fine.

I tried to find a real-world version 14 solution to see if I can spot a
difference between it and the version 12 files, but there appears to be
very little out there, and what there is, looks like it was either
autogenerated or edited manually. Examples:

OK, so searching on GitHub yielded a few more results, but I could not
identify a single one that was clearly not created or edited by anything
other than Visual Studio itself.

I did some checking too, and yes it seems having version 12 .sln is fine or maybe even desirable. We mainly need to make sure that the tools version is 14 and platform toolset is v140 for MSVC15.

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