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> Hi,
> While working on
> http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/cabuevezwma9y+bp4fi4fe4hmpfzmjozomulvtbhhpwtcujr...@mail.gmail.com
> I once more taken aback by the total lack of consistency between the
> three files in $subject. Some of the inconsistency of guc.c vs. the rest
> comes from having separate lists for different datatypes - hard to avoid
> - but even disregarding that, there seems to be little to no
> consistency.
> How about we try to order them the same? That's obviously not a 9.6
> topic at this point, but it'd probably be good to that early in 9.7.

Agreed, at least between the documentation and postgresql.conf.sample.
That's also the order that users are likely to look at.

guc.c might be better to just stick to alphabetical per group. (Which we
also don't do today, of course, but it could be a better way to do it

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