A later thought:

On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 12:39:09AM -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
> src/bin/pg_dump: make check
> implemented using the TAP testing system.  There are a total of 360
> tests, generally covering:
> Various invalid sets of command-line options.
> Valid command-line options (generally independently used):
>   (no options- defaults)
>   --clean
>   --clean --if-exists
>   --data-only
>   --format=c (tested with pg_restore)
>   --format=d (tested with pg_restore)
>   --format=t (tested with pg_restore)
>   --format=d --jobs=2 (tested with pg_restore)
>   --exclude-schema
>   --exclude-table
>   --no-privileges
>   --no-owner
>   --schema
>   --schema-only
> Note that this is only including tests for basic schemas, tables, data,
> and privileges, so far.  I believe it's pretty obvious that we want to
> include all object types and include testing of extensions, I just
> haven't gotten there yet and figured now would be a good time to solicit
> feedback on the approach I've used.
> I'm not sure how valuable it is to test all the different combinations
> of command-line options, though clearly some should be tested (eg:
> include-schema, exclude table in that schema, and similar cases).

You mention that you test valid options independently.  Keep an eye out for
good opportunities to save runtime by testing multiple options per invocation.
To give one example, --exclude-table seems fairly independent of --format;
maybe those could test as a group.  That complicates the suite, but saving ten
or more seconds might justify the complexity.

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