On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, Alvaro Herrera <>

> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > The current challenge I've been trying to find a solution to is testing
> the
> > extension handling. Only core extensions (plpgsql, plperl, etc) are
> > available when the TAP tests are running for pg_dump, it seems. I
> certainly
> > don't want to add a testing extension in such a way that it would get
> > installed for users, but it doesn't seem obvious how to create an
> extension
> > from another directory or to even find the directory where I could write
> > the control and SQL files into to use.
> >
> > Any thoughts on that would certainly be welcome.
> Did you notice the src/test/modules/test_extensions thingy?  Supposedly
> we do try pg_dump with custom extensions there.

Hmm. I think the issue I was having is that I wanted to test the extension
handling in pg_dump's 'make check' run, but that's before any of those
extension pieces are installed or tested.

However, perhaps I can test the pg_dump parts as part of the extension
'make check' runs instead. Will check it out.



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