Hi, hackers.
There's a couple of questions about processes.

I found EXEC_BACKEND flag, while reading the code.
As I understood, it exists because we have to emulate fork() on WIN32.
And also it allows to debug the same behavior on Linux.
Is it right? Are there any other use cases?

Another question is about "--fork" argument (see code below).
I didn't find it in documentation, so I'm a bit confused.
I wonder if it exists only for internal purposes?

    if (argc > 1 && strncmp(argv[1], "--fork", 6) == 0)
        SubPostmasterMain(argc, argv);    /* does not return */

And the last, but not least. Do we have any presentations/articles/READMEs/whatever
about caches (src/backend/utils/cache/*) in postgresql?
I found nothing, besides comments in the code.

Anastasia Lubennikova
Postgres Professional: http://www.postgrespro.com
The Russian Postgres Company

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