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    There is library out there, unfortunately GPL licensed, that attempts
    to fully implement posix including fork(): http://midipix.org/.  One
    of these days I'd like to have a go at porting postgres to it.

... and here I thought you'd be keen to instead remove all use of
globals and 'static' locals to allow thread-safe state tracking, remove
use of shmem, introduce threaded backends, replace use of signals, and
release ThreadedPostgres.

Sounds fun, right? :p

More seriously, shouldn't Microsoft's new (or at least re-blessed and
re-released with a new paint job) Linux/POSIX support offer us some
options here? I suspect not - they're probably restricted to ELF
binaries that won't be able to link to native Windows DLLs to get
support for things like SSPI auth, native Windows SSL API use, etc. But
it's worth keeping the possibility in mind.

Yes the linux emulation is restricted to it's own world, it can't access any windows native binaries.

The other thing is that MS repeatedly said that they plan this as purely developer feature and you should not use it for deploying anything.

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