Robert Haas wrote:
> Modify the isolation tester so that multiple sessions can wait.

Mikael was kind enough to set up an OpenBSD 5.9 buildfarm member, and
it's been failing in isolationtester.  (I kindly accepted my suggestion
to put it to run even though it is failing so that we could look at the
logs).  I think this commit is the problem; see the backtrace he sent me
on private email.

#0  0x00001e18c62af87a in thrkill () at <stdin>:2
2       <stdin>: No such file or directory.
        in <stdin>
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00001e18c62af87a in thrkill () at <stdin>:2
#1  0x00001e18c62aaf39 in *_libc_abort () at
#2  0x00001e18c62a7838 in *_libc_memcpy (dst0=0x0, src0=0x6, length=0) at
#3  0x00001e16a7904a7e in run_permutation (testspec=0x1e16a7d08b20,
nsteps=11, steps=Variable "steps" is not available.
) at isolationtester.c:617
#4  0x00001e16a7904d7c in run_testspec (testspec=0x1e16a7d08b20) at
#5  0x00001e16a79053ce in main (argc=Variable "argc" is not available.
) at isolationtester.c:251

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