Robert Haas wrote:

> That looks like malloc() returned NULL.  I noticed when writing that
> patch that isolationtester has never had any checks for malloc
> returning NULL, which is bad, and probably worth fixing, but I didn't
> choose to stop and fix it at that time.

I didn't actually check closely but I wondered whether the pointer
arithmetic is actually correct.  Note that the memcpy length is zero.
I doubt malloc returning null is the problem; how could it happen
exactly at the same spot every time the suite has run?

> I don't know off-hand why you see that problem starting at this commit
> and not before, or why it doesn't show up on other machines.

Perhaps it's only a problem for OpenBSD's libc and not for glibc which
is the most common.  The only other openbsd machine in buildfarm doesn't
run the isolation tests.

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