Tatsuo Ishii kirjutas N, 06.02.2003 kell 17:05:
> > Perhaps we should not call the encoding UNICODE but UTF8 (which it
> > really is). UNICODE is a character set which has half a dozen official
> > encodings and calling one of them "UNICODE" does not make things very
> > clear.
> Right. Also we perhaps should call LATIN1 or ISO-8859-1 more precisely
> way since ISO-8859-1 can be encoded in either 7 bit or 8 bit(we use
> this). I don't know what it is called though.

I don't think that calling 8-bit ISO-8859-1 ISO-8859-1 can confuse
anybody, but UCS-2 (ISO-10646-1), UTF-8 and UTF-16 are all widely used. 

UTF-8 seems to be the most popular, but even XML standard requires all
compliant implementations to deal with at least both UTF-8 and UTF-16.

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