On Wed, May 4, 2016 at 6:06 PM, Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> wrote:
>> Some of the proposals involve fairly small tweaks to call
>> MaintainOldSnapshotTimeMapping() from elsewhere or only when
>> something changes (like crossing a minute boundary or seeing that a
>> new TransactionId has been assigned).  If you can disentangle those
>> ideas, it might not look so bad.
> Yea, if we can do that, I'm ok. I'm doubtful about releasing with the
> current state, even leaving performance aside, since fixing this will
> result in somewhat changed semantics, and I'm doubtful about significant
> development at this point of the release process. If it comes down to
> either one of those I'm clearly in favor of the latter.

How would the semantics change?

> Hm. We're pretty close to a go/no go point, namely beta1.  I don't want
> to be in the situation that we don't fix the issue before release, just
> because beta has passed.

So, I was worried about this, too.  But I think there is an
overwhelming consensus on pgsql-release that getting a beta out early
trumps all, and that if that results in somewhat more post-beta1
change than we've traditionally had, so be it.  And I think that's
pretty fair.  We need to be really careful, as we get closer to
release, about what impact the changes we make might have even on
people not using the features in question, because otherwise we might
invalidate the results of testing already performed.  We also need to
be careful about whether late changes are going to be stable, because
instability at a late date will postpone the release.  But I don't
believe that rules out all meaningful change.  I think we can decide
to revert this feature, or rework it somewhat, after beta1, and that's

Similarly with the other commits that currently have multiple
outstanding bugs.  If they continue to breed bugs, we can shoot them

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