Peter Geoghegan <> writes:
> I think that there could stand to be some consolidation among the
> items that I authored.

After thinking a bit, I merged all the abbreviated-keys stuff including
the ordered-set-aggregate item.  Let me know if that seems wrong.

> Also, I personally don't really think of these two as separate items,
> even though technically they're independently useful:

OK, also merged.

> If it were up to me, I'd consolidate the two, and provide a
> higher-level description. I'd probably say something about CPU cache
> efficiency, and how the distinction between external sorts and
> internal sorts has been significantly softened. I'd also mention that
> the new approach can make better use of larger work_mem settings, and
> great temp_tablespaces I/O capacity, which Bruce agreed warranted
> notice in the release notes [1].

Meh.  The release notes are not the place for that kind of detail,
mainly because nobody will look at old release notes when searching
for info.  Also, I saw that you already had a rather long discussion
about this associated with the replacement_sort_tuples GUC (which
*is* a reasonable place for it).  My intention in providing the link
was so people could consult that info easily --- but I added a few
more words to point out explicitly that there was more info there.

                        regards, tom lane

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