* Tom Lane wrote:

I've pushed a first cut at release notes for 9.6.  There's a good deal
of work to do yet:

+2016-04-08 [35e2e357c] Add authentication parameters compat_realm and upn_usena
+       <para>
+        Add new SSPI authentication parameters <varname>compat_realm</>
+        and <varname>upn_usename</>, to make it possible to make SSPI
+        work more like GSSAPI (Christian Ullrich)
+       </para>

It is upn_username, not usename. Typo in the commit message.

"Make SSPI work more like GSSAPI" reads like it changed authentication behavior in some fundamental way, and as if SSPI did not work like GSSAPI without it. The difference in behavior of include_realm between GSSAPI and SSPI is not caused by SSPI, but is an implementation detail on our end.

I suggest writing "use the Kerberos realm name for authentication instead of the NetBIOS name" either in place of the existing description or together with it.



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