2015-11-06 [a76ef15d9] Add sort support routine for the UUID data type.
2016-02-03 [b47b4dbf6] Extend sortsupport for text to more opclasses.
2016-02-17 [f1f5ec1ef] Reuse abbreviated keys in ordered [set] aggregates.
        Speed up sorting of <type>uuid</>, <type>bytea</>,
        and <type>char(n)</> fields by using <quote>abbreviated</> keys
        (Peter Geoghegan)

        Support for abbreviated keys has also been added to the non-default
        operator classes <literal>text_pattern_ops</>,
        <literal>varchar_pattern_ops</>, and <literal>bpchar_pattern_ops</>.
        Processing of ordered-set aggregates can also now exploit
        abbreviated keys.

Is it really sensible to group f1f5ec1ef together with the others?  I
think that one should be its own entry.

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