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* Tom Lane (t...@sss.pgh.pa.us) wrote:
Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> writes:
Disable BLOB test in pg_dump TAP tests
Buildfarm member jacana appears to have an issue with running this
test.  It's not entirely clear to me why, but rather than try to
fight with it, just disable it for now.
BTW, what was your evidence for thinking that that specific test
needed to be disabled?  It looks to me like it would have been
subject to the $-in-/m-mode bug we identified today, so I'm wondering
if it was merely the first to fail.
No, those errors were "match/don't match" errors.  At the bottom of:


is the error, which is 'No such file or directory'.  I'm pretty sure the
error is from the '\o' in that test which is trying to write a file to
the '$tempdir' directory.  Clearly, on that system at least, $tempdir
isn't a completely fully-qualified path, since it ends up being:


but the data directory is:


I'm not quite sure how that system works (is a starting '/' actually
referring to a relative path, and psql isn't being run from that root
directory?  Or does the shell handle converting arguments which start
with a '/' to their full path, and that's why calls to pg_ctl and other
things work, but trying to use that same path from inside a program
doesn't?), but apparently referring to $tempdir from inside psql doesn't
give you the same directory that referring to it from the TAP perl
script does.

TL;DR version: Msys provides a virtualized Unix-like file system that is visible to its programs that you use to build, but invisible to the programs you build since they are going to run without any knowledge of the build environment. So you can't just put $tmpdir from an Msys-aware program into a psql script and expect it to work. It won't. Maybe we need to provide a function in our test library to convert virtual paths to real paths. (For Unix it would be a NOOP).



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